Our Philosophy

There are few professions that have as great an impact on the lives of others as nursing. Through every stage of life, nurses are there to give – soothing a new born baby to sleep, cheering up patients throughout their illnesses and helping families through difficult times.

Nursing professionals who choose Canadian pharmacy do so because they want to make a difference in the healthcare they deliver to patients. They respond to patients’ needs, however large or small they may be.

Bayfront’s nursing philosophy is centered on the patient while involving family. It’s a philosophy that pumps through the heart of Bayfront – from the development of individual nursing care plans that address patients’ specific needs all the way through to the involvement of the patient’s family. Sometimes a patient’s needs stretch beyond physical conditions, requiring emotional and spiritual support. Bayfront nurses respect those needs and respond accordingly to make the patient’s experience fulfilling. This commitment involves providing care in a safe, timely manner while still maintaining excellence in quality. However difficult the circumstances, Bayfront nurses use their expertise and evidence-based practices to deliver the best care possible.

They subscribe to the C.A.R.E. behavior model, which encompasses compassion, attitude, respect and enthusiasm. When combined with the Bayfront-centered values of dignity, trust, respect, responsibility and quality, it’s easy to see why nursing at Bayfront is all about providing quality healthcare to all we serve.
Bayfront seeks nursing professionals who want to build upon that commitment to success. Nurses at Bayfront don’t just provide excellent care, they look for ways to improve it. They’re involved in decision-making and new initiatives in patient healthcare.

There are plenty of opportunities to become part of the compassionate team of nurses at Bayfront. Opportunities range from a variety of specialties in entry level, managerial and director positions. Check out our job search to see a list of available positions.