Singulair Generic (Montelukast)

Singulair is a brand of oral medicine used to treat bronchial asthma. Typically, the treatment is done with the help of inhalable drugs, but Singulair is one of the relatively few products that treat this with the help of pills. It’s a primary solution for bronchial spasms and an uncommon way to deal with other respiratory problems.

These pills aren’t particularly strong. They don’t interfere that much with bodily processes. Their main task is to manage the leukotrienes, which are mediators found along the respiratory pathways. They are the primary reason people have bronchial obstructions, which cause trouble breathing.

Bronchial spasms, in which leukotrienes play a major role, happen commonly in asthma patients. As such, Singulair can be a significant helper when it comes to removing the sudden onsets of such spasms.


Description and General Information

Singulair was introduced in 1998 as an anti-leukotriene solution. This means it’ll try to deactivate the leukotriene inhibitors, which reside in your respiratory system. It’s done to prevent excessive inflammation of one’s bronchi, as leukotrienes are known to cause these swellings in response to allergies and such.

This results in troubled breathing – the most notable symptom of asthma. It’s good as a prevention drug, but, as you might know, there is currently no reliable treatment for asthma. Thus, people who take Singulair must do it on a regular basis.

As such, you can choose between Singulair, which is taken orally, and inhaling solutions, which also reduce swelling and improve one’s breathing ability for a time. You can take both at the same time. However, since they have different components that might not interact well, the doctors can cut the dosage of either one for a particular patient.

It’s a question of comfort, but also different approaches. Since the components are different, the two types of medication also cause different side effects. After some examination, you might find it more amiable to take Singulair (or vice versa). You should forget that most inhaled drugs are steroids, which don’t do good for your immune system.

Prices on Singulair Generic at Canadian Pharmacy

The usual dosage of a Singular unit is 10 mg. It comes in pills and tablets, with different packaging sizes. The 10 mg dosage is the most common variety, but there are also 4 mg and 5 mg for smaller doses. That’s what you’ll need to pay for one 10 mg pill or tablet in different countries:

  • United States – 10 USD
  • Canada – 4 USD
  • UK – 0.5 USD

These are the average prices for regular Singulair pills. There are other varieties of this drug, which have their own pricing sheets. One of the most notable examples is the Singular Generic, which is a much cheaper variety that can be bought for less than 1 USD per pill.

The thing about Generic pills is that they mostly include the same components as their brand counterpart. It doesn’t have additives, such as flavoring, different forms, or strengthening solutions. It’s just baseline Singulair, which is called Montelukast. It has no branding, no additional research, and, once again, no additives.

It’s exactly the same in quality, but it may be a little less effective because Singulair Generic uses the same formula that was synthesized back in 1998. Other components, which can improve its efficiency and reduce the harm from side effects, were discovered since then.

So, it has more or less the same safety and the same efficiency but is much cheaper than the regular Singulair.


The medicinal name for the drug branded as Singulair is Montelukast. It’s not a steroidal compound. It won’t harm your immune system while improving your respiratory function. Even so, it can lead to some infections, partially due to the way Montelukast deactivates leukotrienes.

The main ingredients, of which there are four chemical components, interact with said leukotrienes to deactivate much of their function. This decreases the levels of swelling inside one’s respiratory canals. This action usually begins to kick in 1-2 hours after you take the pill.

As such, it doesn’t interact much with the other systems of the body, although the side effects do include problems with one’s nervous system, as well as organs of the gastrointestinal tract. They aren’t as pronounced unless the patient has certain pre-existing conditions.

The main precautions should be taken with the simultaneous use of aspirin and similar anti-inflammation drugs (Ibuprofen, Naproxen), as they tend to be more harmful than beneficial in tandem. It’s a prescribed drug, so you may need to discuss taking Singulair with your doctor after all.

Facts about Singulair Generic

The main question surrounding asthma medicine, such as Singular, is whether you want to take it orally or through an inhaler. Singulair is a typical oral drug, while inhalable medicine includes Beclomethasone, Fluticasone, and many other drugs. The main downside of these inhaled drugs is that they are steroids.

Steroids tend to decrease the patient’s immunity by targeting its immune system to treat whatever disease or problem they’re dealing with. Singulair isn’t a steroid – it’s a so-called leukotriene modifier, with Zyflo and Accolate also falling into this category. They have other problems, but they aren’t steroids, which is a huge advantage.

There are other non-steroid drugs that help with bronchial spasms, such as Salbutamol. They are called bronchodilators. They don’t deal with the causes of swelling, but they do relax the breathing canals to make it easier for the air to proceed. They are often used in conjunction with steroids because Salbutamol alone may not be enough.

There is a definite variety of products when it comes to shopping for asthma solutions. Singulair is definitely one of the less detrimental drugs in terms of side effects. However, inhaled drugs are more effective long-term, and that’s the main plus factor. However, if you have reservations against steroids, then Singulair is a perfectly good replacement.

How does it work?

Singulair pills are better taken with a meal 1-2 hours before you want the effects to start. The swelling will start to retreat after that, and you’ll start to feel your breathing improve in 3-4 days, on average. It depends largely on the patient’s own proportions and sensitivities.

The typical daily dosage of this drug is 10 mg per day. It’s usually taken as one whole pill in the evenings, but it can be done whenever. This medicine serves more as a preventive solution than a remedy against current issues. Nevertheless, you’ll certainly feel better when the drug kicks in, so don’t hesitate to take it if you worry your asthma will start acting up soon.

Side effects and overdose of Singulair Generic

The main side effects include problems in the nervous system, such as headaches, aggressiveness, sleepiness, as well as other problems. They include fever, coughing, respiratory infections, stomachaches, and diarrhea. They aren’t as pronounced, but they can happen.

They will especially manifest if you consume more than 10 mg of this drug a day. If you start feeling particularly harsh abdominal pains, nausea, hyperactivity, and other reactions related to what was described above, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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