Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)

General info about the drug

The main purpose of Generic Viagra is to increase the blood flow to certain parts of the human body. If you are thinking about taking it, you probably know that it is primarily used in order to deal with erectile dysfunction. It is advisable to take Viagra only after you consult a doctor. After all, it can have some dangerous effects on your body if you are already taking some other drugs. We bet that you do not want to harm yourself, right?

Take it really carefully if…

The first and foremost aspect to keep in mind is this: do not take Generic Viagra if you have been prescribed some nitrate drugs to deal with your heart problems. Besides, avoid using it if you are treating arterial hypertension. Having the conditions given below should become a sort of alarm for those who intend to take Viagra:

  • Kidney and liver problems;
  • Heart attacks;
  • Physical deformity of the penis;
  • Low or high blood pressure;
  • Stomach ulcer, etc.

So, a consultation with a doctor is going to be mandatory if you experience some of these issues. They may decide to offer you another drug after exploring your health peculiarities.

How should you take Generic Viagra?

The best answer to this is as follows: ask your doctor. No one can tell you the exact way of taking this drug in a more accurate way than they will. However, we are eager to give some hints about it.

Normally, you should take Viagra when there is a necessity for this. To be exact, half an hour before sexual activity is going to be okay (well, you can do this an hour in advance too). Remember that it is forbidden to take it more than once a day. It can lead to bad consequences for your health.

The main purpose of Viagra is to help you have an erection when sexual activity takes place. Note that once you take a pill, the erection will not occur immediately. Sexual stimulation is the key requirement for this.

Side effects of Generic Viagra

We have already mentioned some of them above. However, this is not a full list. You need to be informed of the consequences to be able to react on time and ask for professional help.

These are the most common side effects of Viagra:

  • Headache;
  • Muscle and back pain;
  • Issues with the vision such as alterations in color perception and blurred vision;
  • Sleep problems;
  • Allergic reactions, etc.

If you feel bad while having sex (that happened after you took the pill), it’s time to call a doctor. Do not neglect this piece of advice! You should get really alarmed when you are experiencing numbness, any kind of pain, dizziness, and so on. Some of the most dangerous problems include the symptoms of heart attack chest pressure, sweating, and pain that keeps spreading to the jaw and shoulder), painful or long erection (more than 4 hours), and vision loss.

You may also experience some other side effects. Anyway, do not ignore any of them and call the doctor as soon as possible.

Questions of the patients and fulfilling answers to them

What do I have to do if I see that Viagra does not lead to an erection in my case?

The best thing to do here is to consult a doctor. Do not take a bigger dosage than prescribed because you will hurt yourself more. You can take more pills only if your doctor tells you to do so. You shouldn’t make such decisions on your own. By the way, your doctor also has to figure out whether a greater dosage works better or not. There might be a necessity to replace Viagra with a different drug too.

How long will Viagra last after I take it?

The drug will be working for several hours. You need to keep this in mind to plan your sexual activity. Alternatively, you can just keep the pills with you if you intend to have a date.

How long will Viagra stay in my body once I take it?

The half-life of the drug equals 4 hours. So, in four hours after you use a pill, it will be half-removed from your body.

Is there a way to make the drug work faster?

There is one. You may take a pill when you haven’t eaten before. However, this is not the healthiest option for your body. You can also just eat a light meal.

Can I use Viagra for a long time?

Well, you’d better discuss it with your doctor. Only they can decide this. Nevertheless, if your body is not exposed to any serious side effects and everything is okay, you can take the pills for as long as you are going to needthemt.

Can I replace Viagra with generic drugs?

It is completely up to you. Some patients do so because they want to get a better price. If you are one of them, there is nothing wrong with this. Stick to the option that seems to be the most convenient for you.

What generic products can be used instead of Viagra?

Well, the most common one is Sildenafil. By the way, the patients state that it is also rather effective. But again, it’s up to you to decide what to take!