Kamagra 100mg

Kamagra is one of the popular brands of prescribed medicine that treat impotence. In layman’s terms, this problem is the inability of one’s genitals to receive enough blood to get and keep an erection. This, in turn, makes it harder for a person to perform their duty in bed. Kamagra uses a chemical component that restores the proper blood flow.

It works by interacting with the proteins that limit that flow. Their excessive growth is the main factor that blocks the necessary processes. It can be developed at any age, although it’s most commonly seen in the elderly. Kamagra helps with that and essentially uses the same compound as Viagra. The compound is called Sildenafil.


What does it do?

Kamagra is a brand, which means it’s a market name behind a specific medicinal compound (in some cases, compounds). The compound’s actual name is Sildenafil, a product initially put to use in 1996. The original was soon marketed as Viagra, but it doesn’t really mean the two products are identical.

There are some differences. The main` difference is that Kamagra is cheaper. It’s a more affordable drug, partially due to being produced in South Asia. It doesn’t diminish its quality, although due to some production choices, Kamagra also lasts a bit less, on average.

Sildenafil typically kicks in 0.5-1 hour after being taken and lasts for 3-4 hours for Kamagra or up to 8 hours for Viagra. The actual duration also depends on the patient’s own body parameters, such as weight, height, gastrointestinal tract condition, as well as other factors.

Instead of just empowering one’s genitalia, as most people think, Kamagra simply removes the obstacles that make normal sexual activity quite hard or even impossible. So, it’s not really a magical pill to bolster someone’s libido. It won’t make you more ‘loving’ if you’re totally healthy down there.

Price of Kamagra in Canadian Pharmacy

Kamagra comes in different varieties. The most common type is the tablet package – a box of 7-8 pills. The other forms include oral jelly, which is essentially the same compound turned into a chewable something. They are sometimes infused with some flavor and are best suited for the elderly.

The pills come at different prices, depending on where you get them. A price per pill is often as follows:

  • 5-1.0 USD in India
  • Up to 5 USD in Canada
  • 7-50 USD in the USA

These are the prices for the Kamagra pills. There are plenty of other forms, such as tablets, jelly, as well as the Generic varieties of all of these.

The Generic is a special kind of pill. These are even cheaper than typical Kamagra. It’s essentially the original compound stripped of all marketing and branding, as well as unnecessary additives. So, flavoring, jellification, and other such actions are out of the question. You’ll get just the pure Sildenafil, even the name Kamagra isn’t featured.

You can still find it by typing ‘Kamagra Generic’ or ‘Viagra Generic’. They may be called so informally, but they are created by special companies that have nothing to do with the respective producers of Kamagra or Viagra. They simply synthesize the original compound and sell it to people for much less.

The Generic products are created with the same quality control as the usual medicine. As such, they are just as safe. They can be less effective on account of being made from pure baseline compounds. Kamagra and Viagra, in addition to flavors and different forms, can have powerful additives that make them work longer, have fewer side effects, or simply be more effective.

With Kamagra, there are certainly many such varieties. One of the most prominent, for instance, is Kamagra Gold, which is said to last longer and have a stronger effect. In short, unlike their non-Generic counterparts, baseline products don’t have any research invested into them, making them possibly less effective.

The usual size for most types of Kamagra is 100 mg. There are obviously other dosage variations, but 100 mg is the most common. A 50 mg tablet could also be found easily enough. In some cases, you can buy this stuff pill by pill, but you often need special arrangements for that.

Where is Kamagra Generic 100mg available?

Kamagra is mostly known as a cheap replacement for Viagra, and that’s essentially true. It’s mostly made by Ajanta Pharma, a big Indian conglomerate of drug-making companies. The product was originally created in the mid-1980s, and it’s not clear which variety of Sildenafil was introduced first.

There’s actually a bit of a divide between Viagra and Kamagra because the latter is not licensed in some parts of the world, like the UK, parts of Europe, and the Americas. The big pharmaceutical markets like the United States and Canada have plenty of this stuff. For others, it remains a doubtful product.

It’s most popular in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa, where Viagra is considered a more expensive solution with the same efficiency. The question about which one of these is more efficient and cost-effective is a whole other topic, but if you’re looking for a cheap erectile dysfunction solution, then Kamagra is one of the best options.

How to take

Kamagra works the same way most other impotency solutions work. It doesn’t need to be taken for a long time, as there’s no residual or lasting effect. The drug doesn’t ‘cure’ anything. It’ll simply make the blood flow naturally into one’s genitalia for a while. As such, it’s a one-time medicine.

When the duration is over (2-8 hours, depending on the person) the effect will stop. The exact duration depends on the person’s own parameters.

As for how long it takes for the pills to kick in, it also depends on everyone’s individual condition. It usually takes somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes to become active, which means it has to be taken directly before intercourse. It’s also best taken long after any meals.

Side effects and overdose

The usual dosage of Kamagra is 50 mg, taken about an hour before intercourse. The recommended daily dosage is 100 mg, but you don’t want to take it more than once a day. You also don’t want to halve your tablet in hopes of taking the other half later – it’ll diminish the effect almost to nothing.

The usual side effects include occasional dizziness, light heart problems, headaches, nosebleeds, and so forth. The effects are rare, only about 5% of all people who take it experience anything from the above. They are mostly people who have a predisposition to these sort of problems.

In case of an overdose, dizziness, headaches, vision, and hearing issues are almost guaranteed. Heartaches, low pressure, tachycardia, and other heart-related problems also manifest often enough. Muscle pain and stomachache also happen quite frequently. Death is typically not one of the side effects of Kamagra overdose.

As such, Kamagra might be ill-advised for people with heart conditions, fainting problems, or headaches. A doctor is supposed to examine these issues before prescribing this drug to a patient. Accordingly, Kamagra is also not used as often by the elderly as people imagine.

Being a prescription drug, you absolutely need to consult a doctor about these things. There are no over-the-counter variations of this medicine, and most counterparts also require a prescription.

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