Building a Healthy Community

The government affairs team of Corporate Communications supports Bayfront Medical Center’s advocacy goals. We work with departments throughout the hospital, as well as community-based organizations and government officials to ensure the best care for the patients Bayfront serves. Our goal is to keep friends of Bayfront informed about government and legislative activity important to hospitals and especially to Bayfront Medical Center.

Pinellas County Health Plan

The Pinellas County Commission is making important decisions about next year’s budget that may have a significant impact on healthcare in our county. A recent editorial in the St. Petersburg Times outlines the Commission’s options, and how their funding decisions may change your access to care, click here to read the editorial. Contact your County Commissioners at for more information.

The crisis of the ever-increasing uninsured population and declining access to care continue to pose major challenges to the health of our community. The most recent Florida Health Insurance Study estimates Pinellas County’s uninsured population to be approximately 140,000 people. Florida ranks third in the nation in uninsured. Lack of a long-term plan based in sustainable funding sources is the most significant dictate of progress. Bayfront’s government relations team will work ongoing with government officials toward innovative funding solutions to increase access to top quality care for every patient in need.

Care for the Uninsured in Florida

In keeping with its mission of providing quality healthcare for all, Bayfront partners with the Pinellas County Department of Health & Human Services in its health plan to provide comprehensive medical care to indigent and other residents of Pinellas County. Through the county, medical treatment is offered for both preventive care and the treatment of illness or injury either through a medical home or participating hospital. County-employed case managers are available in Bayfront’s emergency room to help potential participants establish eligibility and understand their options for participation in the program. Click here for more information on how to apply and register with Pinellas County for medical and pharmacy assistance.

How You Can Help

One effective way to support Bayfront Canada is through legislative advocacy. This includes writing letters, making phone calls, visiting legislators and volunteering your time on the hospital’s behalf. If you would like to write a letter on Bayfront’s behalf, please contact Vannetti Carter in Corporate Communications at (727) 893-6110 or email her at

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