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Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma Care
A team of experienced specialists, including neurosurgeons and rehabilitation specialists, use the latest techniques and equipment to address a range of spinal disorders, including traumatic injuries to the head and spine.

As Pinellas County’s only trauma center, Bayfront is able to quickly assemble the most specialized experts to care for traumatic injuries. And, we provide a comprehensive continuum of care that includes intensive care monitoring by trained neurological nurses, a dedicated brain injury unit and inpatient/outpatient rehabilitations services that range from physician therapy to community re-integration.

Patients recovering from these injuries often require expert rehabilitation to recover from trauma. A secure brain injury unit, along with an inpatient rehab unit and outpatient rehab, provides a full range of services required to support a patient’s journey to recovery. An important aspect of our nationally-recognized rehabilitation program is learning how to function once again at home and in the community.